Thursday, September 29, 2005


Falling leaves, falling temperatures.
Closing doors and closing chapters.

Changing colors and changing seasons.
Shifting sunlight and shifting shadows.

Saying goodbye and Saying farewell.
Ending summer and ending fun.

Shadows and darkness.
Golds and Browns.

Nighttime and downtime.
Fires and heaters.

Fall is ending...
for Winters' opening.

I so hate fall. I hate ending chapters, ending favorite books. I hate saying goodbye to summer. I have the urgancy to go out and hold on to all the last rays of warm sunshine. I resent the changes in the shadows, the shifting solar and lunar views. I despise the smell of crispness. I am not eager to say goodbye to summer and hello to winter.
So many people love Autumn. I despise it. Its like one Golden goodbye season to me.

I want spring back!! A resurgance of hope. A sign of sunshine and fun. A beginning.

A pixie is busy this time of year with all the gathering and foraging and finding burrow nests and whorl holes to hide in. Gathering gathering and gathering. Busy busy busy.

Elves and fairies and pixies in all, all busy gathering and preparing and dancing in the final shifting shadows of fall.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Mischevious deeds I've done:

I am dedicated to enjoying the amusing make believe antics of pixies and fairies and the world of make believe.

I would adore having the freedom to act impulsively and impishly. Scattering wits, trifling with items and randomly causing mayhem.


But alas I'm mortal, I'm larger than 6 inches and human so I can only but close my eyes and daydream about such fun.

Anyone else ?