Sunday, April 09, 2006


Well after 17 days my hubby came home safe and sound. Its an adjustment giving up the barriers and the toughness and the power. heh. But its so wonderful to snuugle and cuddle and love once again. I hate being seperate, hate the lone rooms and the way I am desperate for him. I think I realize everytime he goes away that I'm not that independant and the sucky thing is that I dont WANT to be independant. How disgusting is that? I hate it but then I dont hate it when I caress his face and feel his breath on my cheek, when I feel him taking over and life is back in its regular niche. I say to myself that independance isnt all its cracked up to be. Besides I hate taking out the trash. And I like seeing his slow lazy smiles directed at me with his twinkly eyes.
Alls good in this Pixies world.
Its all back to normal and normal is good.