Friday, February 29, 2008

Screemo Music

I appoligize to all of you who love Scream-o music but I have to vent.

I am absolutely terrorized by screamo music. My son is now flirting with loving screamo music. Punk music with tons of vommitting on the microphone sounds. Hard metal rock with screaming parts. All of it makes me have a panic attack.It wafts up my nostrils, curls itself around my ear canals, reaches my brain and I FREAKIN WIG OUT.

My brain shrivels up, hardens and cracks just like when you throw a rock at a mirror.

Do this experiment with me. Take your hand up to your mouth like your holding a microphone. Now pretend you are vomitting your lunch over a toilet bowl. no. LOUDER. Like PUKING YOUR GUTS OUT. Like your stomache is so pissed that it needs to come up and out and eat your lips. THAT is what screamo music is.

I cant listen. I cringe and my heart beats fast and I literally have a panic attack.

My son sticks his ipod earbuds in and thinks I cant tell he's listening. Ummmm Muffled puking is still audible. heh. I yank them out and tell him if he doesnt change the song then I'm deleting his whole itunes list.

Crap that works every time. Back in the olden days my Mom used to threaten "no dessert" as my golden ticket punishment. That was the only one that worked like a magic wand.

I've found my magic wand in the ipod/itunes threat.
Yeahaw praise the Lord.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dieting with cookies

I'm trying to cut out certain foods in my diet to help me loose this huge caboose Im dragging around.

My husband bought me lovely Victoria Secret Gifts and they are for a much smaller assed woman. I tried to return them but they are on clearance now. He paid 40 some dollars and now they are on sale for $8.49 and I refused to exchange a $40 pair of fancy assed pajamas for one bottle of lip gloss. So I kept them and will try to exchange my ass for smaller size.

But I'm addicted to cookies.
I am trying to cut out all food except cookies. My boobs, feet and wrists are a smaller size now, but my ass is one size bigger.
I think I need to cut out more foods. What do you think?

I cant cut out cookies. My husband just brought home my order of Girl Scout Cookies. Its like sugar fantasy land on my counter right now.

Did I mention that I'm addicted to cookies? I wonder if I can loose weight on a coffee/tea/cookie diet?

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I used the "Grounding" punishment for the first time day before yesterday. I was very very angry and upset and dissappointed with my son and grounded him for a month. From his laptop, girlfriend and movies. He can "lightly" text. I let him keep texting because we can't call him at school.

He has 3 big school projects upcoming and I took Monday off of work so that he had the whole 3 day weekend with the computer and printer and me at his beck and call to help. He is involved in Science Olympiad and also needed to start making the project for Music Science. We were to go to get the supplies during that 3 days also..... He also was to practice his piano and read his required reading.

After School on Friday I picked up his girlfriend and his friends and took them out for tacos because I felt bad that he wouldnt see her for the 3 day weekend but he had so very much to do........
On Saturday he spent so much time on his phone and he kept begging me to let him go at least bowling on Monday. I said no a gajjilion times but dang it I totally caved and gave in to two hours only of bowling on Monday, just to get him off the phone making plans....... IF he got his stuff done.

He farted around the whole 3 days on his phone and IM and making all the plans for the bowling and for the following weekend and then dinked around on his laptop and just basically did nothing but talk and play and make plans for that Monday.

He left for bowling at 11:30 and didnt come back until 4:30, the WHOLE day just gone! poof, the whole weekend GONE and nothing done............ I checked what he had done so far on his reports......just a page ONE PAGE!

He got home and I totally nagged him to hurry up and at least get something done....I went to see how he was doing after 45 minutes and he was texting, playing on his laptop AND talking to his girlfriend on the phone!

Steam was BILLOWING from my ears.
I grounded him for one month to relieve him of the necessity to make plans, waste time worrying if I am or am not going to let him go anywhere and from me having to argue about it all. He needed obviously to be relieved of the obligation to make plans of any sort because he takes hours and days making plans and talking and deciding for that plan.So I said, "You need one month off and I'm giving it to you, you will be restricted from everything that stands in your way of accomplishing your school work and obligations."

Cross your fingers that I stick to it.

See, I grew up in a family that just said no to everything, I was not allowed extra curricular school activities nor was I allowed to do things with my friends. Just NO to everything. I try to be different and allow him to be a normal part of society, I grew up clueless. But then he takes advantage and I blew up........

I want to stick to this punishment though. He spends so much time COMMUNICATING. in all forms..........the rules are so different now than when I was a kid. We didnt have this many devices to communicate.

*sigh* I sincerely want to stick to this one month so he can see how much time he wastes on everything. He said last night that he understood some of the punishment but not the taking away the girlfriend for a month, he even begged me to say yes to her coming over on Friday afternoons and I said no because we are taking up time again argueing about it, just NO for one month. Then I sit in the kitchen and chew all my fingernails off because I worry that I'm too mean and he'll be rebellious later because I crack down too hard. I watch Dr. Phil and see shows on husbands that yell at their wives and then worry that my yelling will be considered mental abuse later or something.

Wish us well.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rain clouds

Its Raining. Misty rain. drizzle. Its cloudy.
I hate rain. Others find it cozy and comforting but I find it depressing. I get tired and sluggish and morose and quiet and suppressed. Depressed. I hate it.
Today on the way to bring my son to school I passed 2 accidents. Slick roads. Just what I need I sighed. Getting in an accident in the early am with coffee breath, frizzled bed head, raccoon eyes from an unwashed face and my pink fuzzy slippers on. I always forget to put on shoes when we run out of the door in the morning.
I need the sun to come back.

Although as a little bonus to help me through the day, there was a huge arch of a rainbow right over our house. We could see it 3-D as we drove under it. It was a marvel indeed. It was huge and awe inspiring.I've never seen a rainbow that close before. It was almost touchable. It was like driving through a cloud but it was color. If any of you have seen the Disney light show you will know that they show a special type of movie on the spray mist of water...It was just like that, like a projection of color on the rain mist. It was a fantastic way to start the day..........

It almost made up for the fact that my son casually mentioned as we were driving that I needed to give him $500 today for his school band trip..........

I wonder if that is why the OTHER two cars were crashed along side the road too?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day 2008

Valentines Day. Heart Day. Love Day.
I love the whole smarmy cornball day!! I really do!
When my son was little we made Valentines day special by making our own Valentines, making a whole special dinner for Daddy and making special Heart placemats, decorations, menus and calling it "the LOVE CAFE".
Yup, for reals.
My son had this easel type chalkboard and we'd write "the LOVE CAFE" on it and decorate around it with hearts. When my husband would come home we'd turn off all the lights and YELL. "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!" We'd eat by candlelight. My son got such a big kick out of it all. Me too. My husband too. We did it every year.
Until we opened up our own business and then worked until 10pm on Valentines every year. *sigh*
Vent: It burns me up inside when people say that they get so disappointed on holidays when their mate doesnt follow through. Make it big yourself. Do it up right and make the day how you want.
Now my son is a teen with a girlfriend and he wants to spend the day with her.
times change but it shocked me this year when he said he wanted to spend the evening with his girlfriend. I always looked at valentines as somehow a Family Love Day,...
silly mom....
BUT I solved it today with a HUGE SUPRISE ROMANTIC BREAKFAST for everyone with heartshaped pancakes and cards and everything. I hid balloons and flowers last night and got it all out this morning.
My son was thrilled, my husband blown away.
Happy Valentines everyone!!!! Go forth and make it a Love Day!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Raising a Teen with love and ska

Oh My God I cant believe I logged in!! I havent been able to log into this account for so long! whaooooooooooooooooooooooo It didnt reject my email password combo making me doubt myself, my handwriting in my notes as to what password went to what. I've tried countless email/password/name combos over the course of the past few months and it was driving me wonkers.
I was giving it one more whirl before I created a whole new one today. I'm a happy camper right now..........ok......more like a happy blogger.

Ok what I was going to name my new blog that I thought I was going to create was "VENTING" and put a disclaimer at the top that any whining and complaining I do or did about my family was not to say I was a hater, but I was just venting. So many blogs I read sound like hatred or anger but I know its all venting.

I've been reading many blogs of late. Clicking randomly on other peoples lists of blogs they read. I didnt find one that dealt with raising teens. Lots of them deal with cute babies or toddlers. Lots of cute baby stories. Lots of rants and ventings. THere are even a TON of homeschooling blogs that do mention raising teens but none with what I was hoping to find. If any of you read a blog about raising teens I'd love to read it.
Please recommend it.

I have a 14 yr old male that I'm raising. He's an only child so of course this puts a different spin on raising him too. He gets the best and worst of Mom and Dad. Too much attention to his trivia.
Poor guy.

But then! He also gets first pick at everything and our yesses out number the no's. He gets all the attention that I see lacking sometimes in his friends households when frazzled parents have to divide what little attention they have to give among many.

The latest household drama: Ska. Skanking. Punk. Drums. Interpertive dance.

Let me expalain; Ska is a type of music, you can google it or go here: to see what it is. The written explanation doesnt do it justice because it is really from what I've heard more like jazzy punk music but little screaming. Punk has more screaming and way more cuss words. I'm not a fan of listening to the screaming into a mike. I'm sorry if that upsets you fans of the screaming part but there it is. It sounds like vomitting to me. I am a loud vomitter. It reminds me of me with the stomache flu with great music in the background.
I took my son to his first ska punk concert last night. I LOVED it. I truly did. I did not like the vulger word/screamfest that some bands did but I did like the punk music and ska music. YouTube it if you must have examples. I stayed and scoped out what it was all about. I refused to just drop him and his friends off.

I didnt like the screamo songs and when bands sing with lots of cuss words I laugh. The bands last night were local garage bands playing for local teens so of course the lyrics were a bit unoriginal and kind of imature. But it made me laugh out loud how often they swore. I giggled at them, it was like they put every swear word they could think of into the song so that they could live it up with out getting in trouble under the guise of "its just singing".

I'll give you a specific example just to prove I'm not disdaining the punk rock band just because they vomitted alot, I mean, sang alot of screaming songs. 4 of the 5 bands had a song called "I F***ing hate our town" or "F*** our town", and one band had a great vomitting Sex song all about "F***ing P***y" and it was more about the F word than anything because that is the only word I really understood in the whole song. Song? Did I just say song? lordy. But the band playing the music itself was great. Very good for a garage band, I just didnt like the screaming vulgarities.

I guess I'm just old fashioned that way. Just give me non screaming lyrics that I can understand that are missing the F word and I might, just might like the song.

It was in an old VF hall the bands rented. The most amazing part was not the gaggle of children with black rimmed eyes and skinny jeans out smoking weed behind the bushes far into the parking lot, no.........the thing that attacked my heart was the huge amount of teens and preteens SMOKING CIGARETTES. Lordy people! I remember kids walking home from school when I was a kid sneaking some puffs but these kids were devouring these cigarettes in a manner that showed they smoke PACKS not a few puffs!

The interesting thing about being short and rather young looking is that a teen my sons age came right up and asked me for a cigarette!! I stood there stunned like a deer in the headlights, my son just said 'nah we dont have any' and his friend behind me offered her some snacks she had. But it bothers me. Really bothers me. Do these parents NOT SMELL THIS STUFF ON THEIR KIDS???
Am I this naive to not know this about the preteens and teens of ours in the world today? It really really caught me by suprise. The drugs I kinda expected and stayed just to see how inhibited they were in this place, but they all smoked cigarettes outside like old people hanging outside the bar on a Friday night.

The other thing that suprised me? The sheer fun of skanking. YouTube it. Its a fun dance kids do with ska music, its not a mosh pit. It is just like a more elaborate two step dance I guess. I almost got up myself to try it. Almost. But then I remembered that I'm old and my son would have DIED if I did.

But it sure looked fun. I didnt appreciate the kids hitting or pushing the skanking kids, that part of it is odd but that is what they do. And they spin each other and drag each other and bang into each other and fall into a football like huddle laughing through the bruises. Its all rather advanturous to me.
I loved it. Watching it. Feeling the teens exhuberance and all that bottled up energy let loose. God I wish I'd been able to do stuff like that with all my energy when I was a kid.

And yah the kids were glad I stayed if you are wondering. My son is lucky, and we are lucky that he has a tight group of friends that dont do anything to hide from a parent so as resident parent, they were fine with me staying in the back leaning against that ol Veterans Hall wall. By the trash. Until someone hawked a loogie and I almost hurled. I moved. Against another wall. By two boys holding hands and whispering to each other. Then they started spinning each other and giggling. I think they were on something with their shiney eyes and googly smiles. I just sat tight. I was there to watch my boy, but it sure makes me wonder...........

Well that is todays venting.......I hope I can log in again soon and do this again. Heh.

He is still playing drums like a madman and now playing for an interpretive dance group at the college. On trash cans. And PVC tubes. And a car rotor.....Fun adventures ahead!