Saturday, October 01, 2005

Fires and Flooding

All around us Fires in a fury and Waters unleashed.
Swirling and frothing, chaotic and confusing.
There is no place to flee, no place to hide.
Looks like the Bible Belt is the place to abide.

No fairies there, no fun, no frolic.
But steadfast devotion to rules and faith,
Lets all flee there to remain untouched
by the raging oceans and coastal forests
Fantasy is squashed in favor of safety.

Wouldnt that be absolutely amazing if the midwest United States became heavily populated during the next 10 years due to the current forces of nature? If the united states "turned inside out"! The coast became the cheap areas and the vast lands of the Prarie the most desirable acreage available. If we Americans are smart we would use the acerage available in the Bible Belt. That would stimie the outsourcing and make use of some untouched value in the United States ready for the taking.

Who will be the first to "INsource"?


Ticklish Ideas said...

I like the sound of "insourcing" - good idea. Wish I could wave a magic wand and make it happen, now. Do you live out here on the great belly of north america? It's hard work to stay here, inertia and all, what with the brains draining away to the coasts all the time.

(I wandered over here from blurbomat).

pixielyn said...

Thanks Maven, I used to live in the midwest, (the great belly, the bible belt, the prarie lands); the most forgotten part of the United States.
I know its harsh, actually very unforgiving to the weak kneed, but I'm glad someone else agrees that there is great potential for more to be done with such vast lands that are being unused.
Not everyone knows that farmers and ranchers are being paid NOT to use their lands. Dead land everywhere. We are outsourcing our brains as you say and importing grains and foods. Ridiculous!

I'd much rather pay a few more cents on the dollar for my commodities if we INsource vs a few less for foreigners to slog through "cue" books and try to have no accent. Wouldnt you?
I've nothing against foreigners, just against moving companies accross the sea to save money on hiring Americans.

(Can you tell that this is a particular pet pet peeve of mine?)

Thank you for being one of the few to keep your intelligence in the midwest.