Monday, July 26, 2010


My current love is fishing. When I was a child we fished every weekend. I started out last summer on a quest. Must. Teach son to fish. Must teach son how to love outdoors. It was a burning desire to fish last year.

He does anyway but I felt the need to teach him to fish before he leaves the home. His Dad is not an avid outdoorsman. So I bought 2 books, poles, nets, hooks, tackle box and we set out to fish.

2 years and havent caught anything. Of course by the time we get going and get everything loaded its always a PRIME FISH HIDING HOURS.

It doesnt make us give up though. Oh no.

I think also that we are fishing at the same dang 2 places famous for hard to catch fish. We;ve been told. But they are close to home.

Yesterday we were going to go fishing. I tried unsuccessfully to wake these two people up for two hours. Then they roll out of bed after I have most things ready and one gets on the phone and one gets on the computer.

Then I go out and get the worms and almost die of heat stroke cuz I forgot a hat and my bald head is like a giant heat absorber.

Then I come in and lie on couch and grab chest and have palpatations and realize that perhaps 5 cups of coffee while I'm waiting was not such a good idea.

We get in the car at noon.

We get to grocery store to pick up charcoal and my husband has a nervous breakdown at the price and declares that SOMEWHERE in the garage is an old bag so we MUST go home and look for it.

We got to the lake at 3:30.

Lake is full so we must wait in the que lane for folks to leave. We are five cars back.

This whole time my head is absorbing heat.....ONly its under a scarf and ball cap.

We arrive at our picnic table at 4. I'm almost passed out.

We barbeque, we eat, we laugh and have fun and then I explain that I'm gonna pass out from the heat and cant fish but they are welcome to.

6pm we leave Lake. BYE LAKE!

Well that was a nice long day for a piece of barbequed chicken and a slice of watermellon wasnt it?

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