Wednesday, May 14, 2008

10 Questions

I'm full of it today:

1. Is it me or is Paula Abdul looking younger and younger with every episode of American Idol?

2. Is it me or is it not getting harder and harder to cook full on meals every night? Cooking healthy has taken the wind out of my cooking imagination. I hate cooking now and I find myself making the same 3 chicken dishes. How can I stop making fast dinners when I m starving and so tired?

3. Is it me or are teen girls not bigger chested now than back when I was their age?

4. I have no predjudice in my soul about sexual orientation so this next question is very open hearted and honest. I have noticed that my son has many bisexual friends. Mostly girls. What is that all about? If you go to his MySpace list of friends and read their orientation, the majority list "Bi". I say its a stance, a stance for leaving all the options open. But my son is confused and asks me questions. His own gf says she doesnt care who knows it; shes 'bi' and likes it. Dont you think this is just faze? A "liberation" stance if you will; or do you think there can be THIS many bisexual teenagers? Is bisexual like 'swinging'? A recreational fun choice for now?

5. Is it just me or is it getting harder and harder to parent?

6. Is it just me or is there more and more homework being given every year? I'm beginning to be against homework, summer schooling to get that extra credit or two and all this pressure to BE "AP" or "IB" or whatever is the latest hardest and most impressive. What happened to the old fashioned quest for learning? LEARNING, not just high scores. Showy course loads? For having a kid be a dang kid? My good friends son is in 10th grade and so freaked and stressed right now that I actually butted in and talked to the mom about how stressed their son is with his work load. ummmmmmmm, now THAT relationship is strained and I am so not appreciated now. They feel their kid SHOULD be this pressured to get into Harvard as straight A student in IB courses. I say OMG your kid looks like he's 40 and needs to have some Prozac. HE IS 15 YEARS OLD for cripes sake. Does anyone remember what it was like to be a kid? To be facing a long lazy summer filled with popsicles and lazing around in shorts? Not planning the itinerary for the summer course load and a new college course being offered high schoolers to get ahead on college credits...........WTF? What happened to just waiting for all this stress when we are 30 and have 2.5 kids a dog and a minivan, why the stress at 14,15,16? What will their life be at 30?

7. Is it me or is time going way way too fast?

8. Does anyone else with teens missing sitting on the couch with a good Disney Movie back when their kid was little. I think this is my most missed part of being a mommy of a little tot besides the lap holding.

9. Is it just me that doesnt like the new earing style? I dont want my son to get his ears stretched. How can I tell him it makes me kinda gag to think of him visiting me when he's 45 and he has big holes floppin around in his ears?

10. Is it just me or is this Presidential race already getting on your nerves too?


Maria said...

I agree about homework. Liv is a third grader and she brings a good hour or two of it home every stinkin' night.

And I think that this generation of kids are much more open to different types of sexuality. I doubt if they are all bi-sexual, but I find it more acceptable than the way it was when I was a teenager. Calling someone a "homo" was one of most cruel things you could say to someone.

Jonah K. Haslap said...

1. Not you.
2. Not you.
3. Not sure, didn't notice teenage girls when I was a teenager, don't notice them now, unless they have fabulous shoes.
4. Bi for girls = usually temporary phase. Bi for boys = usually permanent phase.
5. Not sure about this one either, but it seemed pretty hard for my parents.
6. Lots of questions here. I'll just say, agreed.
7. Sometimes. Except when it doesn't.
8. My parents never sat with me to watch a Disney movie, though my mother did play the part of Bambi when the mother gets shot. On repeat.
9. Ew. Boys have earrings again? What happened to the masculine charm of eyebrow rings and nose studs?
10. Absolutely.

Whew. That was tough.

pixielyn said...

Maria- Thank you! I was feeling like the only one against this many hours of homework. My son routinely begs to stay home from school the next day so he doesnt have to stay up til midnight to finish his homework!

Johah- YOU crack me up!!! Your answer to number 7 was PEFECT! I agree with your answer to number 4. I too think its a phase. I am thinking too the stance that they announce they are bi and are holding hands and arm in arm in school is a liberation stance just as back in the 70's girls burned their bras and became "liberated". I think its great that they have move freedoms than I did in growing up and making choices but it just strikes me funny that there are THAT many. "Bi" isnt really choosing, its just having a choice till you decide in my opinion I guess.

Hil The Thrill said...

3. There is some sort of hormonal phenomenon that is making girls develop earlier, and since we are all a little heavier, yes, they are bigger breasted.
4. Girls say they are bi to get the attention of boys, who think it is a huge turn-on!
9. I work in a tattoo and piercing shop, and I STILL think gauged ears are pretty gross. If they are not too largely gauged, though, they will go back to a normal size.

I don't know how easy parenting used to me, but for me its always a challenge! xoxo, hil