Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bloop there it is

See My original Bloop post below if you didnt already read it the other day:

My son is a 9th grader, I sit in front of school to drop off and pick up every day. I see so many teens that my head swims, I have to drive 1mph for about 1/2 mile to get passed them each way. They dont look both ways when crossing the street and slap at my truck if I'm an inch too close to where they want to cross, they are like swarming cockroaches around the school and about as obtuse and rude as a group. But that isnt my beef.

Who in the hell is buying these people clothes?

Beter yet;
Who in the hell is DESIGNING these clothes? Skin tight material. Stretchy jeans that look like tights. Tank tops. Ok and I'm talking about the BOYS here!

No joke
ANd dont those kids sagging those tight jeans look like toddlers with a load of crap is sittin in their pants walking around ????
Who thought of THAT cool look?

And whats with all the girls wearing skin tight shirts that roll up over the bloop so that it hangs out over the jeans all bare naked?

And whats with the over sized purses or bags? Little girls wearing giant Santa sacks? I just dont get it.

A customer told me that her daughter FIGHTS to buy a new coach bag so that she has a new one every month.
People!!! If I asked for anything new when I was growing up I got backhanded, how about you?
I know style changes, I know fads and trends will change with the wind but this years fads have me shaking my head in shame.

What do you think? Do you see these teens?When you see their fat hanging out, their expensive bags and their dark rimmed sad soul eyes peeking out, do you not want to hug them and tell them to GO PUT A SHIRT ON!? What are we doing to their psyche by accentuating the bad body areas and makeing them think that how they look is good like that?

*sigh* You tell me.....

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Maria said...

I can handle the is the six year olds who are wearing tee shirts that say things like



that really make me want to scream.

A six year old who looks like she should be on a street corner really makes me want to bitch slap her mother...