Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Chemo Infusion Room AKA "The Party Room"

I have dubbed the Hospitals Infusion Room where the chemo drugs are given as the "Party Room' and I tell people I party there and I wear a party hat aka wig. I have long parties and short partie depending on the amount of drugs given that week. I go weekly so I needed some jokey diversion in name calling.
Today was a long party. 5 drugs in IV bags. It makes for a long day but calling it a party somehow makes it not so bad.
I am the chatty cathy of the group when I go. It was silent and ominous and most people sleep or watch the little tvs they provide. nope I'm either talking to my son or husband that comes with me or I chat to my neighbors. Time goes by faster that way.
I have also found out what is fabulously better than any high school prank called "mooning". Its reverse mooning I guess. Reverse body end. You basically have me in the passenger seat. Pull up to red light. I turn to car idling on the right and smile. Then wink. Then wildly take off wig and wave it round and round and yell YEEEEEHAWWWWWWWWW. The guy makes a horrible face like I just pulled off a limb and then turns straight and then he squeels out when light turns green. I wonder if he had night mares? I laughed until I peed my pants. Ya gotta do something insane like that just to lighten up the trauma.
I make the chemo nurses laugh too. They have one of the toughest jobs on earth. If you dont think so you just go with a friend or relative one time while they are getting chemo and watch them. They have to be angels in nurses garb I tell ya.
I like my nurse especially well. She calls me her special baby so I think she likes me too. She is amazing. She has got to be 6'2 or so. The most beautiful dark carmelly chocolate color I've ever seen in my life and she is 62! She is like a drill sargent, a mother, and a softy angel all in one. She made me cry once in barking out orders and told me she was the ENFORCER. But then she bought me a gift on her vacation and calles me her special baby so I think she is marvelous. You need someone who is harsh and makes you toe the line when all you want to do is whimper and not do any of this icky stuff at all. Then hug you and whisper to your veins that she wants to find the right vein and not have to prick me over and over.
I have the smallest veins ever. It takes prick and prick after prick. like 9 or 12. My arm looks like a blind person gave themself heroin shots and missed and missed. Its pretty traumatic every week getting blood and then getting the next day chemo.

I need all the angels I can get.


Maria said...

Ugh. I feel for you with those small veins. Mine are tiny too. I almost always have to be stuck in my hands instead. One memorable occasion I had to be stuck in my foot!

And yes, I agree. Those chemo nurses are incredible.

Kayte said...

I laughed about the wig toss, OMW, I would so have loved to laughed with you. It's hard to know what to do, isn't it? I always try to depend on people to give me clues and let me tell you, I am sometimes the worst clue interpreter there ever was. You are inspiring with your words and insights.

pixielyn said...

Maria Yesm I DO have to be stuck in my hand or wrist mostly. And I am glad someone else knows just how wonderful those nurses are. They are indeed special humans.

Kayte...Yes ma'am you wouldve LOVEd the wig prank. It also made my son laugh and at the age 17 this has been pretty tough so I try to make the mood light when I can.
Dont worry about clues, just think about the PERSON and you will interpret much better.

Thank you for your kind words.