Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New Year

So the New Year rolled in and its already speeding by......I cannot believe how fast time is flying. All things considered, that is a good thing when going through cancer treatments but not good when your son is biting at the bit to grow up, be gone, fly the coop and be independant. I want time to slow down like in the Matrix movies...slow motion shots of all the good times. He wants it to speed up and be at college already.

Oh dont be mistaken that he is after higher learning already..oh no! He cant wait to live in a dorm, live the college life and experience life without mom hovering over him. I can understand that and want him to have that but it still hurts and I will miss him and worry over him and it will be my undoing when we drop him off at his new home.

Yes I know there will be fun times and that this is what I've been preparing him for since birth but it is still hard. Just sayin'.

Things feel so great now that I'm done with Radiation. I only have chemo once every three weeks and its only Herceptin which reportedly has few if any side effects except rarely. I'm one of those rare people but the side effect on my is like a cold/flu for 3 days so that is NOTHING compared to the ten months before so IM GOOD TO GO!

Now I sit and wait for spring which is "my" season and I cannot wait for it to roll around this year!!

Hope all had a safe and happy and wonderful Holiday with thier families. I say 'safe' since the world has experienced the weirdest weather patterns and I hope all are safe and warm and snug and dry!!

Enjoy the beginning of this great year to come!!!

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Kayte said...

Happy New Year, dear friend! Best to all of you in 2011 and I can just tell it's going to be a good year already with this wonderful news of where you are in the whole process of this awful disease. You are a hero, no doubt about it. Going through the same things here with college and Matt...I cannot imagine the day we drop him off and go home without him around all the time. I am putting off thinking about that as long as possible. We can compare stories in August.