Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I've been tagged, snagged and now bagged.

1. A friend who has blessed me: is my friend who listens to my rants and panics and tells me to just simmer down. I deal with much daily drama and she weeds through my dramatics to let me know just what is really worth the panic or not.

2. An unexpected gift: I recieved was my husband who got me a card last month for no reason. Long story of course but short version: We were in a store and it was determined that we had to go to the restroom. Ok so he says he has to go to the bathroom so we all troup into the restrooms, I come out and my H and S are no where to be found. I go all ballistic mad and start ranting and waving my arms in an irritated manner. My son comes up to me WITHOUT HIS FATHER in a huge store and I ask "Where is YOUR FATHER?" see, you can tell Im mad cuz I didnt say, "hey, honey where is your dad at?" nope, I'm all into capitals and formal versions. "Where is YOUR FATHER?" and my son shrugs. SHRUGS!!! omg so now I;m REALLY steamed. My husband DARES to wander away from his son in a huge store. OH! he was gonna hear some choice words from me!!! So I whip my self around and I start frantically searching for my H and then my son WANDERS away and now I've LOST him again!!! I started to hyperventilate kind of in panic/anger and then I hear my son yell "Dad!" and then my husband comes around the corner and I was so angered that I litterally lost all capacity to speak. You just dont leave your underage son wandering around from a public restroom and HE KNOWS THAT and I thought to myself "oh my god, this MLC has him even putting our son in jepordy just cuz he is uncomfortable with people knowing he has a teenage son" so I was so very mad and flounced myself all the way to the car with my eyeballs rolling and my arms at soldier position. REAlly steamed. We get to the car and my husband puts his hand on my arm and I shrug/fling it off and he hands me this card. They are both standing there with shit eating grins on their face. The whole time I was going into panic hyperdrive was a set up between husband and son. The card display was right outside the bathrooms and husband decided to get me a card to kind of say sorry and I love you through all this MLC crap we are going through and cooked up a scheme of they didnt know where each other was to give H time to buy and write JUST IN CASE I HAVENT SAID IT LATELY I LOVE YOU in the card. I started crying. Crying hard. It really really really really suprised me. The sentiment even more than my original anger. We've been going through some really really tough crap and then to have that card handed me was pure joy. My heart actually pained me with how much joy it brought.

3. A kind word shared with me recently: Many. But recently my SIL told me that I wasnt valued as much as I should be and that made my day.

5. Something I'm looking forward to: The end of working too hard and retirement. But most of all I look forward to holding grandbabies.

6. A particular part of me I'm pleased with: My inner strength and forgiveness.

7. Something in my life that I wanted but never expected: An amazing child. Just amazing.

8. A place that moved/moves me: My Grandmothers house. On the day we left last I went to her top drawer and touched her underthings, saying good bye. The smell and touch of her socks, slips, underthings sent shivers up and down my body and I wept the largest wettest tears in her honor.

9. One thing/person that always makes me smile: The music from "Wicked" the theatre production. Person? my brothers daughter.

10. Most recent "love note" from God: ok this one stumps me. Love note from God? I've been feeling smoted by God lately not exactly recieving any love notes. LOVE NOTES????

11. Do I win anything? No, No I didnt win anything. The last thing I won was a cookie jar from a charity auction on line. A friend cut off all her hair for the Locks for Love and she had also a charity auction for her favorite pet charities. I love the cookie jar by the way.

I'm not tagging anyone.

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