Monday, August 28, 2006

County Fair

Saturday night we went to the County Fair in town. If there is one thing you must know about me is that I love the Fair. I love everything. I go into "Gawker Mode" and just drink in the atmosphere. As usual this is because of a childhood memory that the fair was an event of wonder. Just delicious childhood memories. I love the Fair.

As usual it was a hodge-podge of human flesh. All sorts of human flesh. All sorts of smells mingled with all sorts of things to gawk at. Smells of caramel corn and wood smoked sausage. Cotton candy and grease. Lots of missing teeth. Those people really should invest in a traveling dentist.

We went to the animals first. Tried to get into the pigs but it was closed. I really do love the pigs bestest and was sad.

Then on to the cows.
Then the goats and chickens and other Fowl.

Pigeons. Didn't realize there were so many kinds of pigeons to check out. Miles of pigeons in cages. All kinds of pigeons. All colors of pigeons. Pigeons with lots of poofy feathered heads or feet. Pigeons who looked like oil puddle colors (like an oil rainbow). Interesting. My son liked the pigeons but gagged and ran out due to his 13 year old freshly developed gag "ewwww that's gross complex". Actually he made all kinds of faces and gag noises and just generally was an embarrassment.
Then to the other areas of farm type animals. Then back to stare hungrily at the pigs that we couldn't get to.

We saw all the cute 4-Hr's in their white uniforms with their green ties and hats on. Interesting mix of 4-Hrs.

4-H is a program where by your child can learn the value of caring for something and responsibility through the rigors of raising animals. From beginning to end. It is like boy scouts with out the knots and campfires. You are awarded for your passing of certain criteria each year. Good structured program.

The parents are an eclectic mix of real cowboy, farm folk, pretty cowboys who wanna be real cow boys and real down and dirty real animal lovers who look sun toughened and hard core country folk.

Then you see the yuppy folk. The ones who live right out side of town and enjoy the see-saw of town life, and enjoy their green lawns due to the sprinkler system, yet brag about their one horse lot and the pot bellied pig they keep as a pet.

But their kid is in 4-H. Yup that would be Mr. and Mrs Klein. I saw by their name tag that she was Anne and he was Calvin.
I was checking out Mr. Kleins nice name tag and Mrs Klein busted me and gave me a viscous dirty look.

HEY! Its not my freakin fault the guy displays his name tag on the butt of his khaki pants.

And then right next to them Dr. Docker was helping his kid put baby oil all over their pig. And let me tell you that this family was so proud of their name that they had name tags alllllllllllllllll over their shirts and pants. Lots of Dockers were at the fair.

But Dr. Dockor was displaying an extra name tag that said "Land's End" so maybe that's where they come from? Interesting; all those khaki pants and shorts with name tags.
In the goat pen I saw a lot of the Levi family. They had big leather name tags on their butts. I expected Levi's to be very devout religious folk but these Levi's sure didn't seem very pious. They wore snake skin, gator skit, leather and spit brown liquid far far ahead of where they were walkin' and talkin'. Swore a lot too these people with the Levi name tags. All wore nice cowboy hats though. Hmm

Thing I thought interestin' 'bout this family tho was that they must really practice strict bladder control, perhaps it is part of their religion? I know they all have thick big bladders cuz I'll tell you that if that was me in those jeans they wear with those five buttons down the front 'stead of zippers I would be standin' in a puddle by the time I got them undone.

*Chortle*, Yeeeeeeeee-Hawwww!

I saw the Hilfiger family in the rock tent we went to to cut the geode. The Hilfigers are very patriotic. They had little red and blue flag name tags. The whole family was very good looking and I liked their red and blue outfits.
Except it was really really strange that every single one of them was named Tommy, except one cute girl of about 15 who had a shirt on that said GUESS. I got real excited cuz I had a great guess and leaned over and shouted. "AMY!" and I guess that was the wrong guess cuz they packed up and left.

Shucks. I wouldn't wear a shirt that said GUESS unless I wanted people to really take a guess!!!

I ate like a pig, I got so hungry for some strange reason!! I ate barbecue, cotton candy, popcorn, a polish sausage, probably something else which I cant remember, but I'm sure I haven't eaten that much in a week!!!!! Fair food is a whole different kind of good food.

The concert was too loud and too long and everyone stood on the benches so that you couldn't see worth crap unless you yourself tottered up on the bench seat and that kind of ticked me off but our son was reveling in the whole experience, so we just went with the flow......
He was most interested in the games this year, the ones you pay $5 for 3 balls and never win. Until they see Dad with cash and then they let you win one little one so that Dad will get competitive to win the bigger prizes and then spend more cash. This was the first year Dad and son got competitive. They got three kills for mom. 3 stuffed toys worth a total of 10$. They was done proud of themselves, yup uh huh.
All in all it was quite the experience going with a 13 year old this year!

I sure do love the fair.

It puts all of my life into perspective. focus. I'm so over thinking my life sucks.

One look at those men and woman running those games and you just know that that is what your parents mean by "Dont talk to strangers".


The Oracle said...

But the Old Navy family is the lamest.
Honestly, why anyone would pay those prices to wear that brand name on such shoddily made, hideously colored clothing is beyond me.
Naturally, my stepdaughter is an Old Navy shopper.

Swampwitch said...

I loved the county fair and your story brought back so many fun memories...cotton candy, ferris wheel, 4-H, and the smells from the animal barns...

Pamela said...

It's fair week here, too.

.... I loved your jean family.
the buttons reminded me of an old saying I heard many years ago
(probably because I married a navy man)

"You can always tell a sailor by the buttons on his pants"

which of course was referencing you can tell what kind of a guy he was by how "worn" they were

willowtree said...

Nice take on the 'families', Boy you really are prolific when you set your mind to it.

SongBird said...

Sounds like so much fun!! Great story. Our county fair is the first week in September. I will be on the lookout for some of those same families!

Janice said...


I understand what you mean by the good blatters! I refuse to wear anything with that many buttons between me and the tolet!

Our Fair is going to start up shortly--can't wait!


Karmyn R said...

chuckle chuckle -

Did you see any Wranglers or Levi's?

willowtree said...

Pixie, you've gone quiet again, what gives?