Friday, August 18, 2006

None today for the tooth fairy!

Well today is the day I've been dreading for about a month. My heart is just pounding. I feel sweaty but cold and I cant think past 10:30.
10:30 is my dental appt. I'm not good with dentists. With novacaine or even that water/air suctiony thing that gags me. Just thinking about the dentist gives me the dry heaves. And whats with that dentisty smell they pipe into the waiting room to make your eyeballs roll around before its even your turn to sit in the chair with the paper over the head rest in case you get hair grease and bugs all over the faux leather furniture.
Today is my double whammy root cannal. canal? Today they uncap and excavate the old root canal and I get the skin removed that somehow covered a bit of the cap trying to get in and under it. It is all so gross and unbelievabley horrendous. Seems some monsters got under the cap they put on the root canal and now the big ones are eating the little ones and the war is too violent so they need to obliterate the whole thing. BUT they will chip away at the nastiest part and save most of the tooth so I can still have a good back chomper.
Lordy people I just cant stand to think about the amount of shots of novacaine this will take.
But the blessing is that my dentist is an awesome man and he gave me some golden pills. These golden pills taken 1/2 hour before my appointment promises to have me singing and dancing and feeling like the world is indeed a blessed place to have my teeth excavated.
Wish me well


willowtree said...

Dosen't matter how you spell it, its awful! I've had two and when they wanted to do the third I said 'bullshit! pull the bastard out'.

I'm petrified of dentists.

pixielyn said...

Yeah willowtree, Its not an uncommon feeling.

I feel ok today, much better than I thought, but last night was a bugger.

Thank you.

Susan in va said...

Golden pills?? There are golden pills???? No one ever gave me golden pills!! I had my first root canal last year. It.was.torture.

I know the smell you are speaking of - it makes my teeth ache. In fact, as soon as you started talking about it, I could smell it.....and my teeth started aching.

pixielyn said...

Yes Susan, if you whine and cry HUGE scaredy crocodile tears to your dentist he will give you golden pills. In my Pandoras box filled with golden pills, the label says Valium. I like Valium. I can easily see why people become addicted to valium. You let life slide by you and it is all ever so smooth. No worries, no hurries and most of all, it isnt harsh. Just blurry happy fuzzy. I am not going to say I enjoyed yesterdays dental visit and the 3 hour procedure I just went through but I will say that the golden pills provided me with blunt egdes to the sharp fear.

But the smell still made me have dry heaves.

SongBird said...

Ugh!!!! I hate EVERYTHING about going to the dentist. And I was never given any golden pills. Bummer! Keep feeling better!!

pixielyn said...

Thank you!!!

I feel so much better now!!! I actually could eat normally last night although chewing on that side VERY softly. It will take a while to heal. Part two of the procedure is next week so I'll be doing this all again *sigh* I'm so glad I can vent to you all, I'm a wienie when it comes to the dentist.