Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring break and Halo in the morning and Halo all night!

This is the first year in many many many years that I have taken off work the week of my son's School Spring Break. Let me tell you what! I'm having fun! I've been totally reconnecting with my son and playing. Yup. I have been playing Halo on line. I suck.
I really really suck at this game. I suck at all first person games and this is a First person game that I REALLY suck at. But I'm still playing and having a blast. My son is having the time of his life laughing at me getting splattered all over the map. I must admit to just plain enjoy this connection we are having at the moment.
I read in Dr. Phils book that in order to connect with a teen or child for that matter we have to play games and sometimes even pick up their lingo so that they feel that we ARE understanding them a bit.
Hence the word suck. My son said he sucks at this game too. So I guess I suck at it in good company. heh.
Playing an online game is kindof nerve wracking. No one knows its me, but it feels like there is more "performance Pressure" or something. Its a funny feeling. Kids who know my son are called "friends" and when friends come on line they start talking and I have to ignore them because I would DIE if they knew it was my sons mom playing, but I just found out that they get pissed at getting dissed' (another teen word meaning disrespected).
Yeah you read that right, people talk to each other on this game and you hear them through a head set. All the people just blurting out on this game. It is so not what I played when I was almost 15. I think I was riding my bike and collecting butterflies and types of ladybugs and riding horses and daydreaming in our big tree while reading Nancy Drew books or some such thing. Perhaps that was 12 and I'm just getting it all mixed up.
Do you play Video games on line?


Maria said...

I play a truly insipid game called um...Slingo. I also play Deal or No Deal. I always lose and end up like one of those dumb asshats who shout, "NO DEAL!" to 97 thousand bucks and then end up going home with 250 smackers instead.

Liv's spring break is in two weeks. Since I freelance, I try hard not to schedule much for that time. By the time the break is over, I am almost crazy to be back at work....

Hil The Thrill said...

Hi there! I saw you over at Mad Organica, and I thought I'd drop by because I love pixies, too. As for video games, I try to avoid them, because I know I would be sucked in and NEVER COME OUT. xoxo, hil

pixielyn said...

Maria: I've never heard of Slingo. It sounds like a great game and Deal or no Deal is great on TV so it must be addicting as well!!!

Hil the thrill: Welcome!! I so love pixies and fairies, glad to meet a fellow lover of them! Yes, video games are addicting! I know so many people that play hours or on line games and video games. I'm afraid its going to be like that for me now too........ack!. heh.