Saturday, April 05, 2008


I just posted this on another blog in response to the question about books that made a difference in our life:

"I LOVE books! All books. Well except for scarey books. I read 5 True Crime books in my 20's in a row and didnt sleep for weeks. I'm going to be 44 and I still remember the terror of those weeks. I could NEVER read past page 2 of a Stephen King book. *shudder* my imagination is too vast. I love non-fiction and read copious amounts of it. I'm trying to sludge my way through this Eckhart Tolle book from Oprahs list and I just DONT GET IT!. Ok I get it but its a long book to just say "Do onto others as you'd have them do unto you".
The books that changed my life was the Anne of Green Gables Series! ...... I read the book "Annie get your gun" one whole night in bed by the light of the street light thru my window in middle school. And the "the Diary of Ann Frank" and Warsaw" in the same manner. My heart opened and I've never been the same since. I'm sure other books along the way changed me too but these stick out in my mind. I'm going to copy and paste this post and post it on my blog until you say I cant since this is a WONDERFUL question and I've pondered it for a very long time since I first read it. I had to think hard...."

What a WONDERFUL question. It took days for me to think of these books And there are more but that post was turning into a book sized answer itself. How about you? What books changed or affected your life?
I read so much non-fiction and self help that I'm sure I've taken twists and turns along the way according the current "advice" I'm recieving via the written word. Like right now I'm also reading the book by Dr. Phil about Families. I'm too lazy to go upstairs and get it to accurately type the title but basically yeah I'm doing things all wrong with my teen. *sigh*
But back to books that changed my life.
I have loved books since the day I met my first one. I read all the books in the "junior" section in the library and had to get special permission from our librarians to start on the adult side. They made me wait A WHOLE YEAR. When I was 14 they allowed me to go on over (but my Grandma got me books out all the time from the adult side, they just didnt know they were for me) and I started at the A's and went on.
I love facts, I love a good "prarie" novel, I love mysteries without gore and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sherlock Holmes and any book by Zane Grey. Shoot em up ol westerns!!! heh. I read "Deception Point" by Dan Brown and almost called in sick from work to finish it as it WAS THAT good!
My son hates to read. It is the one single personality trait that broke my heart into a gazillion pieces when I realized it. I read to him as a child, I read to him every night before bed too!!! He to this day likes being read to but hates reading and hates books. It makes my heart shrivel in pain as I type this. My best friends growing up were books and so I dont understand not loving a book. I will spend all my spending money at a book store and I am addicted to the glossy pages of magazines and have them lying everywhere around me. I am currently addicted to Psychology magazines. Magazines I regularly scope out: "Oprah" (I get this occasionally,nice short articles full of usefull info) "Psychology today", "Scientific American Mind"( my new FAVE), and the "Discovery" magazine is awesome too!! I always get "The Readers Digest" its like comfort food for me. And I get the "National Geographic" occasionally.
I go without food, clothes and the newest shoes and purses because I spend all my money on words..........

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Maria said...

Me too...books top the list of what I need.