Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tooth Achies

Sorry I havent kept up on my blog after getting such a great running re-start. I had part 3 of the Great Re-Excavation of Root Canal done last week and I'm grouchy and overworked at the same time. Blogging or thinking of what to blog that is remotely funny or snickerable is beyond my scope of imagination right now.

Other than the nagging migraine in my temporarily capped tooth all is just peachy.



Carry on............... Let me not bother you with the triffles of my irritations....

Happy Labor Day weekend to you all btw. I hope that your teeth arent aching and your family is fully equipped to have the best last barbeque of the year and you are relaxin and chillin and having a grand ol time.

I'll just sit here and drool and baby my tooth achies..............



Karmyn R said...

OUCH! In MJ's immortal words, "That sucks"

SongBird said...

Ditto on the "that sucks"!!!

willowtree said...

I'll go for the threepete: that sucks!

Janice said...


Oh, I'm sorry. That sounds painful. I've had some work done a while back; two caps, last summer, and one the summer before that.

And now I have a cracked tooth, and they want to pull a wisdom tooth that just has a cavity in it. I just barely miss on having that work done(no, no everythings fine, nothing hurts), but next year I bet they'll get me.


pixielyn said...

Yes to all of you, it does indeed suck. It is getting less painful but its dreadfully sensitive and I'm irritable from the nagging pain and sensitivity. Thank you Thank you for the comfort and sympathy!!!

Swampwitch said...

Just the words "Root Canal" makes me ache and drool... when I hear root canal, I always think of DRAINAGE DITCH for some reason.
Hope it doesn't ruin your weekend.

Pamela said...

I'm sorry. I hope it was a complete success.

(ps. good excuse to have milkshake through a straw)

(Make mine Peanutbutter n hotfudge)

Pamela said...