Friday, February 29, 2008

Screemo Music

I appoligize to all of you who love Scream-o music but I have to vent.

I am absolutely terrorized by screamo music. My son is now flirting with loving screamo music. Punk music with tons of vommitting on the microphone sounds. Hard metal rock with screaming parts. All of it makes me have a panic attack.It wafts up my nostrils, curls itself around my ear canals, reaches my brain and I FREAKIN WIG OUT.

My brain shrivels up, hardens and cracks just like when you throw a rock at a mirror.

Do this experiment with me. Take your hand up to your mouth like your holding a microphone. Now pretend you are vomitting your lunch over a toilet bowl. no. LOUDER. Like PUKING YOUR GUTS OUT. Like your stomache is so pissed that it needs to come up and out and eat your lips. THAT is what screamo music is.

I cant listen. I cringe and my heart beats fast and I literally have a panic attack.

My son sticks his ipod earbuds in and thinks I cant tell he's listening. Ummmm Muffled puking is still audible. heh. I yank them out and tell him if he doesnt change the song then I'm deleting his whole itunes list.

Crap that works every time. Back in the olden days my Mom used to threaten "no dessert" as my golden ticket punishment. That was the only one that worked like a magic wand.

I've found my magic wand in the ipod/itunes threat.
Yeahaw praise the Lord.

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