Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dieting with cookies

I'm trying to cut out certain foods in my diet to help me loose this huge caboose Im dragging around.

My husband bought me lovely Victoria Secret Gifts and they are for a much smaller assed woman. I tried to return them but they are on clearance now. He paid 40 some dollars and now they are on sale for $8.49 and I refused to exchange a $40 pair of fancy assed pajamas for one bottle of lip gloss. So I kept them and will try to exchange my ass for smaller size.

But I'm addicted to cookies.
I am trying to cut out all food except cookies. My boobs, feet and wrists are a smaller size now, but my ass is one size bigger.
I think I need to cut out more foods. What do you think?

I cant cut out cookies. My husband just brought home my order of Girl Scout Cookies. Its like sugar fantasy land on my counter right now.

Did I mention that I'm addicted to cookies? I wonder if I can loose weight on a coffee/tea/cookie diet?


Willowtree said...

I find cutting out bread, cookies and chips helps me the most when I'm trying to lose weight.

pixielyn said...

Ah yes Willowtree, thank you.....*sigh* , I KNOW that in my head.
Its my heart that cant give up my cookies.
I can give up chips. *sigh* and even bread. *sob*
Its a vice and I so know it.

I might even exersize more for my two cookies in the morning. I guess I'm just ranting about my cookie habit, dont mind me.

Maria said...

I adore cookies. ADORE them. I have sternly informed Bing that she is NOT to bring home even one box of girl scout cookies, but I know her...she is a sucker for every teacher with a kid in her building. She will bring home ten boxes and at least one of them will be my favorites: thin mints.

Good luck!