Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day 2008

Valentines Day. Heart Day. Love Day.
I love the whole smarmy cornball day!! I really do!
When my son was little we made Valentines day special by making our own Valentines, making a whole special dinner for Daddy and making special Heart placemats, decorations, menus and calling it "the LOVE CAFE".
Yup, for reals.
My son had this easel type chalkboard and we'd write "the LOVE CAFE" on it and decorate around it with hearts. When my husband would come home we'd turn off all the lights and YELL. "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!" We'd eat by candlelight. My son got such a big kick out of it all. Me too. My husband too. We did it every year.
Until we opened up our own business and then worked until 10pm on Valentines every year. *sigh*
Vent: It burns me up inside when people say that they get so disappointed on holidays when their mate doesnt follow through. Make it big yourself. Do it up right and make the day how you want.
Now my son is a teen with a girlfriend and he wants to spend the day with her.
times change but it shocked me this year when he said he wanted to spend the evening with his girlfriend. I always looked at valentines as somehow a Family Love Day,...
silly mom....
BUT I solved it today with a HUGE SUPRISE ROMANTIC BREAKFAST for everyone with heartshaped pancakes and cards and everything. I hid balloons and flowers last night and got it all out this morning.
My son was thrilled, my husband blown away.
Happy Valentines everyone!!!! Go forth and make it a Love Day!!!

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Wow. I got tired just reading your post...but then, I am a lazy, lazy woman.

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