Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Love Song

My son wrote a song. WROTE, A, SONG.
He wrote a song for the piano and another piece for the drum to play with it. I sat at the top of the stairs looking down at him playing it last night and figuring the ending and he played over and over. I leaned my head against the banister and just let the tears roll.
After he got up I kissed his cheeks and his forehead.
"That," I told him, "That was a love song straight to my heart."
I remember when you begged for piano lessons. I remember playing chopsticks with you to have fun with you to jolly you through the year you didnt want to play any more. I remember you desperately wanting to play drums. I remember holding you and seeing you grinning as an infant when music played. I KNEW you loved music since you were born. Seeing you create, seeing you create music with your brain and hands spoke to me."
Moments like this send me on a high for weeks.
Love pure. Pride like I've never had.
You cant get it better than that!

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