Saturday, September 30, 2006

3 day sad mommy camp

ok here's the deal. My son is away for 3 days at camp on an island studing marine biology and having the time of his life. I'm weepy and irratable and knarly sad for my baby. Not having any way to call or check on him till he comes back. I'm petulant and not in a good mood.
God what am I going to do when he goes to college? Now I do indeed know why teens turn into monsters, it is so we dont feel like this and instead are so happy for the peace and quiet but right now I dont feel like that.
And if one more person at work tells me that I'm being silly and "but he's haveing fun" I will positively CHOKE them.
I dont care if he's having fun. Well duh I do and I'm glad but right now its about me and this huge chunk of sadness in my heart from missing my son.
And I read this post on Lauras blog about how no one will love her like her Lilly and I cried for like 2 hours and that made it even worse and she's so right.
I adore my son and he loves me like no other and my husband cant even fill that place.
I just want to hug him and call his cell phone and see his smiley face.


willowtree said...

Don't you and your husband have you own business? Why don't you just fire the sorry ass of the next person that says that to you?

If you want a little perspective, read this to see how things could be worse.

Maria said...

Remember this moment when he comes home and spills orange juice all over the counter and doesn't clean it up. :)

A marine biologist would be a lovely profession. You can go around saying, "My son, the marine biologist...."

Hang in there...

pixielyn said...

Laughing at Willowtree. yes I could but that would be silly and then I'd be working even more than I am now and thats not possible.
and you are right. It could be.

Thanks Laura. But he wants to be a robotics engineer. He LOVES science. He really just loves it all.

He got home safe and sound and he had a great great time.

Karmyn R said...

Oh, don't tell me this - I only have, what? 12 more years with my son before he is off leaving me....sigh

Janice said...


I had a simular experiance when my daughter went to sixth grade camp three years ago. I kept going into her room, and sighing, then I'd pick-up a few things while I was there. Then when she came home after three days her room was spotless.

She had a great time too, but I missed her--lots.


Swampwitch said...

Just checking in...Where are you?

willowtree said...

We hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year.

From WT, MDW and the furries.

(Sorry it's not personalised, but if I wrote individual greetings to everyone I'd miss out on Christmas Lunch, and you know I'm not going to let that happen.)