Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wrinkle Free

One day about 2 years ago it was pouring rain outside and that made all the kids in the neighborhood come pouring in the house ready to play inside. They were wet and steamy and loud and bored.
After they bounced from games to videos to the computer to the sons room and back again they were really really bored.
I was cleaning house and frantic about the laundry getting done. It was a Saturday and I insist on house cleaning/laundry chores to be accomplished and finished on Saturdays. I was stepping over and around and through children and the house was so vastly untidied faster than I could go back around again and tidy it. All the "vacuum lines" of a freshly vacuumed house were obliterated and it all looked exactly as it did the day before cleaning day and I was getting peeved.
I was just about ready to demand they all go to their individual homes when my son came to me and asked me if they could all play a game of in house "hide and seek". I at first said "ABSOLUTELY NOT!" and then of course after much wheedling and whining and cajoling I caved.
It was a bad idea. First they were hiding in our bedrooms. They were in the coat closets, they were under the beds, they were in spare rooms, they were everywhere and into everything and I set some rules down after I found a kid in my room with all the ironing dumped out of the hamper unto their head to "camouflage" themselves. HUH oh! I had it with kids all over and into everything. So I yelled "ONE MORE ROUND of HIDING and that's it!!!"
I scooped up the last heap of dirty clothes to be washed, went downstairs to the laundry room. Opened the washer and saw that there were still wet clothes in there so opened up the dryer. As I opened the dryer door, my sons head pokes out and he yells. "BWWAAAHAAAAAHAAAAAA" really loud in my face from the dryer.
I simutaneously grabbed him by the collar and screamed bloody murder. Tears were coursing down my cheeks and I became breathlessly speechless. The anger and terror beating in my heart overpowered my senses until I literally just saw red. I grabbed that 11 year old kid and threw him from the dryer. I did this all simutaneusly in like about 5 seconds. Scream, grab, throw, cry, shake and press my hand over my beating/pounding heart. All at the same time.
I start screaming at him "WHAT were you thinking???!!! HIDING IN THE DRYER IS DANGEROUS!!" I was so scared for him and angry and scared from the scaring that he did with the "BWWAAHAAAAAAHAAAAA" that I couldn't do anything but knee jerk reaction yelling.
How could he be that dumb to actually hide and close the door of the dryer, what if I'd assumed there were clothes in there and pushed the on button again.
It literally terrified me to the point of my crying and shaking and yelling it over and over, "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" Oh and did I mention that this all went on with about 9 kids staring at the wild woman with the spittle and white foam coming out of her mouth?
He kept saying "sorry mommy" "sorry" but It took a good 1/2 hour for the shaking hiney scrunching terrors to go away.
Later on after everything settled down, kids all gone, my son sitting on couch watching TV, I went in to talk to him about the dangers that little hiding place posed and I "yadda yadda..... dangerous.........heat......tossing and turning....blah blah blah....broken arms.....high temps... door locked.....yadda yadda yaddad..." til his eyes glazed over.
I inhaled a breath and he interjected with;
"Yeah, but you were so scared huh? I SO GOT YOU!"


willowtree said...

You had EVERY right to react the way you did. That is a very dangerous stunt to pull.

Pamela said...

Even thought it was dangerous... I knew exactly what he was feeling when he said I got you..

(A friend of mine lost her Yorkshire Terrier in the dryer. I guess it jumped in there when the door was open and her teenage daughter threw something in on top of it and started it up. I couldn't believe it actually happened.)

pixielyn said...

WT, I didnt acurately convey the visual of my throwing him accross the room. The adreneline rush actually permitted me to toss a hundred pound kid from curled up position in the dryer out into the hallway almost. I literally threw him out of the dryer. I was THAT MUCH TERRIFIED.
Yes Pamela, that is what I was terrified of. I've heard of cats dying in dryers that way and it would NOT have been unusual of me to just click the dryer on again, I do it all the time. Your poor friend. How sad.

SongBird said...

I totally agree with Willowtree. You had every right to react the way you did. How terrifying!! Makes my heart beat faster just thinking about it.

Janice said...


Wow! That was a scarey thing wasn't it? And such a kid thing to do! Especially the part "but I got you!"


pixielyn said...

Thankyou songbird and janice!
Yes it was typical boy thought process.
And I bet if I asked him today where the best hiding spot in the house is he would say the time he stayed in the dryer!!! No one did ever find him there which is why he was still in there.