Thursday, September 21, 2006

Purple Martinis

Well last Saturday I begged for babysitting and invited my husband out again.
I'm game for dancing and having a drink if he wants to do this now. He is all into the hip hop scene, swingin and swayin and grindin and groovin. I'm trying to keep up to him people. The man is in MOTION. I just want him to know as a partner that I am here, I am with him and I'm game for his adventure into the future.
Our son is baffled. The neighbors though we were going to a lounge not a hip hop club. My friends shriek and giggle "CLUBBING!!???" "YOU are Clubbing?" And they giggle some more until I have to show my booty swingin moves and they fall to the ground in writhing laughter.
Then I get shy and doubt this whole adventure I've taken. heh. But you know what? Friday night we were having ourselves a great "getting the groove on" time even though we were the officially oldest ones in the room including the freakin OWNER of the club.
I had 3 long island ice teas. It took THAT MANY TO get up the courage to try to imitate that booty swingin that goes on.
But when the lady came around to sell roses and little teddy bears, I got both.A white rose and a teddy bear that says "I Love You". Just like a young booty grinding date.
Did you read the part where I had 3 long island ice tea drinks?
I was sick all the next day.
My hip hurt and my knees needed some bengay creme.
My husband was all up and at'em and ready for work dressed to the nines by 10 am the next day and he had already gone out the night before too!!!

And yes they had Purple Martinis. They were bitter.


Maria said...

There is nothing I love more than a tart apple martini on the rocks.

Just thinking of it makes me want one.

I have never even heard of a purple martini.

willowtree said...

Wow, things sure have changed in the last few months!!!

Janice said...


At least your out there trying out something new, sans bengay or no.


Pamela said...

When someone says "clubbin" my first thought is 'they just gotta quit killing those baby seals"

And thats excactly how it would appear if I drank three cocktails and tried to dance anything but slow.

may the force be with you.

Pamela said...
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SongBird said...

Sounds like fun! Except for the feeling bad the next day part....

pixielyn said...

laura- my husband LOVES apple martinis! I dont prefer to drink them but I love to just smell them.

willowtree-yes, things are good. Thankyou.

janice- yes, that was my intention. When going through a family change it is good to experience the new exciting things that the other wants to try. Or in this case; old fun things.

pamela-thanks. Its scarey. I'm sure people are laughing about me to this day. That was why the 3 drinks helped, Everyone looked pretty blurry and I wont recognize them if I ever see them again. heh.

songbird- EXACTLY!!

Last night was a candle lit dinner, son was at a football game. I did grilled steak with mushrooms and onions. Fried potaoes and broccoli and cheese. A nice bottle of wine and it was sweet.
My husband said some beautiful things during his toast to me and it made me feel that life is indeed worth living.

Anonymous said...

Thank God someone BESIDES me drinks long island iced teas. I have experienced nothing but bashing on this subject. Especially from Willowtree. ;)

I came here from Laura's blog, btw. Nice to meet you!

pixielyn said...

Thank you Melissa, I LOVE long island ice teas.
WT whats up with bashing long island ice tea? My first love is straight vodka from the freezer, ice cold. My second is Jose Cuervo shooters, then comes rum and coke and then long island ice tea. Nothing beats my lime blended margaritas though when you come over for a summer barbeque.
There, go ahead, bash away.....

Swampwitch said...

Next time, use the BenGay cream first. Never mind the smell. This might help with the aches, but 3 Long Island ice teas AND a purple martini...What is a purple martini? Maybe rub it on your knees instead of drinking it would help.

Karmyn R said...

You are a brave woman to drink THREE Long Islands....One would put me on my face (my husband would be carrying me home, instead of dancing with me). hee hee.

Tiggerlane said...

I am so proud of you for going out clubbing!!

I am getting "up there" in years - but I can't seem to stay out of the club. The music, the dancing...

But you are SO RIGHT about how much has changed in clubs. Now, it seems the girls all dance with one another (read: grind their bodies together), while the dudes line the floor and gawk.

I, too, feel like a fish out of water in those places...but I still go, and still dance like a fiend.

One drawback is that the heels I wear to dance in tend to damage nerves in my toes. Usually, after a hard weekend of clubbing, my second and third toes on both feet will be completely numb for a week afterward. Never used to happen before - but I guess it's age!!

pixielyn said...

swampwitch I have no idea, it was bitter and nasty. It would have probably been much better on my knees!!
karmyn. lol yeah well snoring with my mouth open on the couch equals that. I dont remember from the car door to the couch. heh.
tiggerlane, no way! good for you. You go however because you love to dance, I go becuase I love my husband who is loving to dance right now.


Afrodizzier said...

Here's how you make a purple martini:

1 part Lichido Liqueur (pink)
1 part Hpnotiq Liqueur (blue)
Squeeze Lemon Juice
1/2 part Ice Water

It makes a beautiful lavender-purple cocktail and it's delicious!